Monster Hunter Rise Switch Axe Guide

In this Monster Hunter Rise Switch Axe guide, we will let you know about all the combos and moveset of Switch Axe in MH Rise, and we will also tell you how you can use Switch Axe in the best way possible.

Monster Hunter Rise Switch Axe

The Switch Axe is one of the game’s most bizarre weapons. Switch Axe can cause a great deal of damage to your enemies in a very short period of time, and that’s why it’s the most reliable and the most used weapon in Monster Hunter Series.

It can be transformed into a sword. It is critical to learn how to use this weapon by switching between modes(Sword and Axe) during combos. Axe mode is the default mode and has a long reach while the sword attacks are not deflected.

The axe mode allows for quick evasion and meaty chop attacks. In Axe mode, your main goal should be to fill the Switch gauge.

Every time you hit with your sword, the Switch Gauge gets filled, and once it is filled up to a certain extent, you will be able to switch to Sword Mode

Sword Mode makes you move slower than usual, but your attacks become fast and destructive. Sword can’t get deflected by any monster body parts.

While in Sword mode, you have to keep an eye on Switch Gauge because it depletes the Switch Gauge with your every attack.

Elemental Discharge deals a huge amount of damage to your enemies, and every time an elemental discharge is launched, energy gets depleted from the Switch Gauge.

Once the Switch Gauge gets depleted completely, you will switch to Axe Mode, but you still have to do a reload animation with Phials, and that will make you vulnerable against enemy attacks.

Phials are used to add different bonuses to Switch Axe. By reloading Phials, you can exhaust a monster and can also raw or elemental damage to your enemies.

You will have to trigger the Amped State in Sword Mode in order to trigger the Phial.

Once activated, all modes and the new sword mode attack will be affected by the Phial. You can directly stab the creature and fire the Elemental Discharge.

Amped State is the state that you can enter by filling the Switch Gauge and will allow you to attack with both Axe and Sword. But it only lasts for 45 seconds.

Make sure to stock up on healing objects and dodge the attacks as much as possible. Don’t get too anxious and start slashing just because it’s easy.

Switch Axe Attacks

Invincible Gambit
Invincible Gambit will push you forward like a madman and will make your axe swing around you.

During this move, you won’t get knocked down or get stunned.

Switch Charger
The Switch Charger is a move that recharges your energy meter and causes the Amped State to be triggered.

It also causes the Switch Gauge and Amped States to not run out for a short period of time.

Soaring Wyvern Blade
Soaring Wyvern Blade attack can be switched by the Invincible Gambit. You just leap into the air with the Wirebug and cut the beast.

At the peak of the jump, you can dash into your enemies to slice them up using the Forward Slash.

This move completes the activation gauge and causes a massive explosion.

After a fully powered Elemental Discharge, you can also use this move and recover from the huge recession of the move and continue the attack.