Monster Hunter Rise Long Sword Guide

The Long Sword is a type of weapon that a lot of players are interested in using due to its easy-to-learn mechanics and variety of attributes. It’s one of the best weapons to use when in a battle with beastly enemies. This Monster Hunter Rise Long Sword guide gives detail about the weapon’s attributes, silkbind attacks and controls.

Monster Hunter Rise Long Sword

The Long Sword weapon in MHR is one of the easiest weapons you can use. The weapon provides you with an amazing reach and helps in defeating the adversaries that cross your path.

Using the longsword

The Long Sword consists of Spirit Blade attacks that are considered to be one of its most damaging outputs. Simply keep the hits coming with standard attacks and focus on filling up its Spirit Guage. Once the gauge is filled, you can release the energy stored in it in the form of Spirit Blade attacks.

The weapon also allows you to upgrade levels simply by ending a combo with the Spirit Roundslash. This upgrades your blade temporarily. This process can be done 3 times and requires a good Roundslash shot at the target.

Apart from these, the Long Sword also possesses the ability to nullify any enemies’ attacks and follows it up with a powerful and damaging swing that can seriously put the enemy out of its place.

However, point to be noted while playing multiplayer: like mentioned before, the Long Sword has an amazing reach which can become trouble for your fellow players if they get caught in it. Therefore, make sure to watch out while executing a move in multiplayer gameplay.

Silkbind Attacks

Long Sword has 3 main types of attacks; Serene Pose, Soaring Kick and the Silkbind Sakura Slash.

Serene Pose
Your weapon goes into counter mode once the enemy hits the web when your weapon is at cue.

Soaring Kick
With the use of Wirebug, you’re launched in the air (similar to Hunting Edge), come in contact with the enemy and either trigger the Plunging Thrust or Spirit Helm Breaker. Plugging Thrust fills up your spirit gauge and pressing ZR can trigger the Spirit Helm Breaker, which has some jaw-dropping damage output.

Silkbind Sakura Slash
Instead of the Soaring Kick, you can actually use the Silkbind Sakura Slash. Using the Wirebug, jump forward and execute the spinning slash attack.

Controls and Combos

Just like every other weapon in the game, Long Sword also comes with few combos in its arsenal.

Spirit Gauge Attacks

Recommended Combos