Monster Hunter Rise Light Bowgun Guide

Monster Hunter Rise has many weapons but only three ranged; one of these is the Light Bowgun. In this Monster Hunter Rise guide we provide a detailed description of the Light Bowgun, its silkbind attacks and how to use it effectively.

Monster Hunter Rise Light Bowgun

Light Bowgun is a great weapon as it allows you to stay away and take the monsters apart from a safe distance. The gun’s true potential is revealed when playing with friends as it is light and allows high mobility.

Players can run around targeting vital parts of each monster as other players are drawing its attention.

The Light Bowgun’s light weight offers good mobility. It can use many different types of ammo, and with access to a cluster bomb, you can be a great support player while dealing decent damage.

On the offhand, its damage is lower compared to other guns as well as ammo capacity. It all boils down to how players using the weapon like to play. It might be the best weapon for some and the worst in the game for some.

Using the Light Bowgun

Light Bowgun has Regular ammo, special ammo and Wyvernblast. The regular ammo is self-explanatory. Simple shoot and reload. You can also use piercing ammo which works wonders against larger monsters.

Spread ammo is like a shotgun, low range but strong punch. The gun also gets sticky rockets that stick to the monster before detonating. They deal stun effect if they hit on the monster’s face.

Aside from regular ammo, the Light Bowgun has a variety of special ammo from Flaming to Thunder Shots and Cluster bombs as well. These are best used to deal high damage if you get a good shot or if the monster is staggered.

These can also inflict status ailments. Some of these can be used in Rapid Fire Mode, which allows you to shoot three bullets at once, and it’s considered as one.

Wyvernblast is a mine that you can plant in the ground and then shoot it or even detonate with a melee. These deal huge damage to anyone in the blast radius.

Since it can be detonated by melee, monster attacks can also detonate it. If not, you can always shoot it as needed. Wyvernblasts have cooldowns after every use and the ammo automatically refills.

Silkbind Attacks

Following are the special attacks you can use with your Light Bowgun.

Silkbind glide
This allows you to pull yourself towards the monster using Wirebug’s Silk and get a free point-blank shot.

Fanning Vault
This launches you into the air. Once airborne, you can take shots at the monster without fear of it attacking you.

Fanning Maneuver
You can flank monsters by pulling yourself to the left or right using Wirebug. The attack power is also temporarily increased. This attack can be swapped out for Fanning Vault.