Monster Hunter Rise Insect Glaive Guide

Insect Glaive is one of the closest to ‘Summoner’ class weapons in MH Rise and is a lot of fun to use. This Monster Hunter Rise Insect Glaive guide describes all the parameters and uses of Insect Glaive so that you can have simply the best experience using it in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise Insect Glaive

Insect Glaive is one of the unique weapons in MH Rise. This weapon is always accompanied by a fellow Kinsect and hence proves to be a great support while hunting.

Insect Glaive has several tremendous moves attached to it that come in handy both on the ground and in the air. This weapon is more speed-centered rather than damage delivery. That’s why its burst power might not be as much as Great Sword or Charge Blade, but it surely compensates that via speedy moves.

Insect Glaive Buffs

You will see a gauge with three slots, colored red, orange and white, below your stamina bar on the left. Three different buffs are placed in these slots. In order to fill the slots, your Kinsect needs to attack some specific parts of the monsters and bring them to you.

Red is the attack buff and increases your attack damage while also changing some of the attack patterns.

Orange buff is the defense buff, and you get to have a stronger defense against various attacks.

White is the speed buff, so you can imagine what it grants – speed! Hence, when you finally get all three buffs enabled, your hunter becomes a beast with the Insect Glaive and is able to pierce through anything that comes his way while being immune to flinching from minor roars and knockbacks.

So in order to gain these buffs, you should know which parts of the monsters are related to which respective buff. For the red buff, you need to hit the head.

The body part of the monsters gives the orange buff, whereas the wings/legs give the white buff. These rules might vary if the monster’s physiology is a little uncommon, so keep that in mind while playing.

Insect Glaive Moves & Combos

Insect Glaive is a relentlessly fast and efficient weapon. You can have a lot of advantage of its aerial superiority and midair combos. You also have the Wirebug feature in it that doesn’t only increase the airborne time for this weapon but also adds to its air capabilities.

Besides, the only thing you need to master in order to turn Insect Glaive into one of the best weapons in the game is to master the Kinsect. You can turn your Kinsect into a great damage dealer against monsters and then you won’t be just using it for increasing your buffs.

So here are the moves and combos that you can practice with Insect Glaive, and once they become your natural reflexes, you will become a master!

Rising Slash Combo


Wide Sweep

Leaping Slash

Left Stick + A

Kinsect: Harvest Extract

ZR + X

Kinsect: Recall

ZR + A

Kinsect: Fire

ZR + R

Kinsect: Mark Target



ZR + B

Aerial Attack

X (In Mid Air)

Jumping Advancing Slash

A (In Mid Air)

Mid-Air Evade

B (In Mid Air)

Bread & Butter Tornado Slash Combo

Left Stick + X > A > A > Repeat

Hit & Run Combo

Left Stick + A > A

Halfway to Tornado Slash

Left Stick + X > A > Dodge > Repeat

Silkbind Vault
Keys: ZL + X

Combo: ZL + X > X

Effect: A leaping attack while spinning forward towards the target. The combo adds the jumping slash to it.

Recall Kinsect
Keys: ZL + A

Effect: Your Kinsect will be called back to you in such a way that it will be continuously spinning and performing spinning attacks. Healing extracts will be scattering and once it reaches you, its stamina will be fully recovered.

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