Monster Hunter Rise Heavy Bowgun Guide

When it comes to the ranged weapons in Monster Hunter Rise, Heavy Bowgun needs no introduction as the name is self-explanatory. This Monster Hunter Rise Heavy Bowgun guide has all you need to get a better insight into the Heavy Bowgun so that you can utilize its true potential in MH Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise Heavy Bowgun

This weapon is capable of landing some very serious hits and can get monsters down in no time.

The Light Bowgun comes in handy when you need mobility as you shoot, but the Heavy Bowgun is all about ranged shots from rest. Land a correct, precise shot and you will achieve your purpose. It is best suited when the creature is at rest and not attentive towards you.

Using the Heavy Bowgun

The two main types of ammo that can be used are Wyvernheart and Wyvernsnipe. Wyvernsnipe allows the gun to shoot a single, extremely accurate shot and the other one turns the gun into a machine gun!

You can even equip the gun with a Shield which allows you to block some shots when they are laid upon you. This mod allows you to cover up the inefficiency that comes with the gun’s heavy weight; you can really move a lot with this weapon.

The shield allows you to absorb the damage, which compensates for the immobility and hence the shots that could be dodged. On the other hand, the damage the heavy bowgun deals is unprecedented.

Remember that the ammo is limited, and every shot counts; therefore, you need to make sure that you manage your ammo well and conserve it where possible.

Controls and Silk Bind Attacks

ZL+X will allow you to deploy an Anchor guard with Heavy Bowgun, therefore nullifying any damage and consequently, you can fire the weapon.

Press ZL+A for Free SilkBind Glide. This will allow you to use a Wirebug to hurl you forward and then you can Sheath or make a melee attack.

Counter Shot can be further used as Counter Charger, which is another Silkbind move that doesn’t only parry the attack carried out by your enemy but also decreases the time required for charged shots.

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