Monster Hunter Rise Gunlance Guide

Gunlance is the best of the best lances, offering a colossal chunk of firepower. You will get a mix of burst fires and thrust attacks, where gunlance is a spear as well. We have brought you this detailed Monster Hunter Rise Gunlance guide on getting the maximum out of the destructive Gunlance in MH Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise Gunlance

If you have played the previous games in the Monster Hunter series, then you must be aware of the Gunlance, it was already a very powerful weapon, but now the developers have added a new Wirebug feature in the Gunlance that fixes many of the older generations’ problems.

Using the gunlance

Lances in usual are big and heavy and the gameplay for all the lances is almost the same. Basically, the gunlance is like any other lance but with the added feature of the ability to shoot, hence the name gun lance.

Now coming to what gunlance can do in MH Rise, it can shoot burst shots from the front using shelling which can give you mini-explosions ahead. This will help you in dealing more damage in a bigger area.

You can also do the old school sweep and side attacks with the gunlance, these attacks are not as good as those burst shots, but they are faster and can give you a filler to continue your combo. So, use both attacks from gunlance together to get the best out of your fights and continue your chain of attacks.

One more thing that can benefit you hugely while using gunlance is the defense. Gunlance has great defense efficiency with a very strong shield. It also has a Wyrmstake Cannon that is an armor-piercing stake that will pierce through enemies and explode.

Wyvern Fire is the biggest and most powerful attack from gunlance, it will set the monsters around you on fire, and they will go blasting in the sky.

Normal Attacks

Silkbind attacks

There are a few new Silkbind attacks also added to the gunlance:

Hail cutter: ZL + X
This is basically an uppercut that you do with your gunlance and it will do an overhead slam on the enemy. Using these attacks will also reduce your Wyvern Fire’s cooldown time and reload your gunlance shells.

Guard Edge
This is a defensive stance with gunlance in MH Rise that sharpens its sharpness level on contact and then you can do many counterattacks.

Ground Splitter: ZL + A
You can swap this silkbind with hail cutter. As the name suggests, this one will use the wirebug and let you move forward quickly and make a strong upward attack.

Using this attack in MH Rise will increase the damage of Wyrmstake cannon, gunlance shells, and wyvern fire for some time.


Wyvern Fire

Loop Combo

Burst Fire Combo