Monster Hunter Rise Great Sword Guide

In this Monster Hunter Rise Great Sword Guide, we will be covering The Great Sword, one of the many new weapons in Monster Hunter Rise. We will be looking at its stats and attack combos so you can have a definite idea if this sword is suitable for you or not.

Monster Hunter Rise Great Sword

The Great Sword is one of the 14 new weapons in MHR. It has a massive blade that is capable of dealing tons of damage with a single hit. You can also use the massive blade to tackle incoming attacks.

This weapon is preferred by a lot of players whenever they go on difficult hunts as it is easy to handle and deals tons of damage.

The Great Sword’s combos are not that difficult either. All of these things combined make it a very effective weapon for slaying monsters of all sizes.

You can also charge your attacks and if an enemy tries to attack you, simply cancel the charge to tackle their attack, and now you can go in for some quick counter slashes.


We have listed out the controls for The Great Sword below for your ease.

Great Sword Silkbind Attacks

You can use the following attacks to inflict devastating damage on your foes.

Power Sheath
The Wire bug launches you forward while sheathing your weapon. You gain an attack boost for a few moments while your weapon is sheathed.

You can trigger this attack with the following button combo: ZL + A

Hunting Edge
This attack plunges you into the sky where you can attack the monster with one of two attacks; a deadly Slash or a plunging thrust. The latter also slams the monster into the ground.

You can trigger this attack with the following button combo: ZL + X

The Great Sword, as its name suggests is a great weapon. It is suitable for almost all kinds of hunts and can be used to parry small attacks as well. The only thing you need to keep in check is its mobility.

If you can master this weapon and get a hang of its mobility restriction, it will definitely help you become a feared hunter in Monster Hunter Rise which is releasing on the Nintendo Switch on March 26th.

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