Monster Hunter Rise Failed to Save Error, Photo Mode Bug and Fixes

Fans of the series are gearing up to hunt ferocious monsters in Monster Hunter Rise as the PC version finally releases. In this guide, we will discuss all known Errors and Fixes in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise Errors and Fixes

As is the case with every PC release, there are a few errors and commonly known bugs plaguing the game on release. We’ve surfed the forums and gathered all of the most common issues and their fixes in this guide.

Before we take a look at them, you should check whether your system meets the minimum system requirements listed by the developers.

System Requirements

Here are the Minimum and Recommended system requirements for Monster Hunter Rise. Make sure that your PC meets these to avoid any frame drops

Minimum System Requirements:

Recommended Requirements:

MH Rise Failed to Save Error Fix

Steam users are reporting an error where the game gives an error every time it tries to autosave and fails to do so. The most common fix is to verify your game files and run the game as Admin.

Verify Files

You can verify the game’s files by doing the following steps:

This will fix your save game errors in MH Rise.

Run the Game as Admin

Another method to fix the Save Errors in MH Rise revolves around running the Game as Admin.

PlayStation Controller Prompts now Showing in Monster Hunter Rise

Players are reporting that using the PlayStation controller has been problematic because controller inputs do not show up in-game.

There is no definite fix for this issue as of now but expect the developers to roll out a hotfix soon. Until then, your best bet is to either play using KB/M or the Xbox Controller.

Unable to Use Photo mode in Tutorial

If you can’t use the photo mode in MH Rise during the tutorial phase then all you need to do is press the “Arrow Up” key and then press “P”. Your photo mode should now work flawlessly.

Input Devices not being Detected

If your controller or KB/M are not being detected by the game then, restarting the game or unplugging/plugging your peripherals can help resolve this issue.

Otherwise, you can also restart your steam client or pc to make sure that there are no unnecessary conflicts.

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