Monster Hunter Rise Dual Blades Guide

This Monster Hunter Rise Dual Blades guide, will get you all set up for using and making the best out of the Dual Blades in MHR.

Monster Hunter Rise Dual Blades

Those who are playing Monster Hunt titles for a long time should be well aware of Dual Blades.

However, for those who’ll be booting up Monster Hunt Rise as their first Monster Hunt game, Dual Blades is the best and the coolest close-range weapon you can get your hands on during your Monster Hunt Rise gameplay.

Its mobility along with its ability to deal huge damage to the opponents with its deadly yet easier-to-implement combos sets it apart from all other weapons of its league.

The mechanics of the weapons are the same as those in previous titles. However, there are few more move sets introduced to Dual Blades for this recent title.

Demon and Archdemon Modes

Just when you’re beginning to think that this weapon cannot get any better, its Demon and Archdemon modes kick in, making it much more lethal.

Demon mode is activated by pressing the ZR button. A single click with your index or middle finger and boom! The best possible version of Dual Blades has been unleashed.

Once the Demon mode has been activated, all of the Dual Blade attacks will become deadlier, and your abilities will power-up. If that wasn’t enough, your movement will be quicker as well.

Now, all you have to do is pick the right combo and pick the right time for your move. Also, watch out while using the enhanced Blade Dance attack in the Demon mode.

There’s a slight delay during this attack in which you’ll be fixed in your position, and your enemies can use this to their advantage.

To activate the Charging Demon mode, you need to press A and then press X three times.

However, all of this comes at the cost of your increasingly depleting stamina. Demon mode will take away your stamina within the blink of an eye. This is where the Archdemon mode comes to the rescue.

Archdemon mode allows you to enjoy the Demon mode privileges without losing your stamina at an increased rate.

Archdemon mode is activated once a gauge fills up while you’re in Demon mode and attacking the enemies.

Dual Blade Attacks and Controls

pressing X will give you a Double Slash, and pressing A will give you Lunging Strike. However, the real magic happens during the combos.

Shrouded Vault
This is one of the new attacks introduced in Monster Hunt Rise, and it will throw you forward, making your movements quicker and helping you dodge all the attacks while you’re on the move.

This is also the only offensive attack that offers you defensive capabilities as well.

To trigger this attack, you need to press the ZL and A buttons.

Piercing Blind 
This is one of the best offensive techniques introduced in this recent Monster Hunt title that allows you to stick an explosive to your enemies.

After you’ve planted the explosive, try dealing more and more damage to the enemy. More the damage, more devastating the explosion.

This attack can be initiated by ZL and X buttons

Blade Dance 
This attack is initiated by pressing the X and A buttons.

Bread and Butter 
This combo is initiated by pressing X three times before pressing A and repeating the combo.

Tower Vault 
Tower Vault is another new addition to the Dual Blade move set, and it allows you freedom of movement while in the air.

You can perform this aerial jump using Wirebug. While in the air, you can also activate Demon Mode and perform an aerial attack.