Monster Hunter Rise Buddies Guide

Buddies are the faithful furry companions in Monster Hunter Rise, which players can take on their hunts and expeditions into the world. There are two different types of buddies to choose from, and we will tell you all about them in our Monster Hunter Buddies guide below.

Monster Hunter Rise Buddies

As we said, there are two different kinds of buddies available, the Palicoes and the newly added Palamutes.


These are your doggy buddies that can be mounted. These are good for covering vast terrain quickly and easily. While mounted players can still use their items and recover health. Your stamina bar will not deplete while you ride a Palamute, so explore and roam to your heart’s content. They also synchronize with your attacks.

Remember these controls for when you are riding a Palamute:


These are cat-like buddies that are a lot of help in the wild as they help you in gathering up items in the wild as harvesting helpers. They have both offensive and defensive abilities to help you in combat, along with restorative support abilities. Furthermore, they can call on cats in the wild to help hunters set traps.

There are a number of items and spells like you have the Feline Bulb, which is an item that can buff your Palico. This item will automatically be added to your items list once you take the Palico out on a quest.

Buddy Commands

You can give commands to your buddies, like wait, which will make it stop in the place it was in when you issued the command and will stay there until you tell it otherwise.

Another command, which can be used on a Palamute is the ‘Let me ride!’ command that lets you ride a Palamute, which can also be achieved by holding down ‘A’ while near the Palamute. While in wait mode, there are many activities and ways in which you can interact with your buddies, look for the button prompts to have a little fun.