God of War Valkyries Guide

The Valkyries are scattered throughout the game and players need to get to a specific location in order to fight them and defeat them to get their helmets and that is where our God of War Valkyries Guide comes in and will help you with all the Valkyrie locations including Sigrun, The Valkyrie Queen and how to defeat them.

God of War Valkyries

The reason you need to defeat 8 Valkyries before Sigrun, The Valkyrie Queen is that their helmets are required to be placed on thrones at Council of Valkyrie.

Moreover, although they are a tough lot, defeating them is worth it as their armor gives you perks such as low activations to fill your runic attack cool downs and prevents attack interruptions.

This God of War Valkyries Guide will help you with the locations of all Valkyries, how to defeat them, how to summon Sigrun, The Valkyrie Queen and how to defeat her.

However, before we dive into to fighting and killing these Valkyries, here are some basic tips you need to know before facing one. Therefore, the following are some basic tips on fighting Valkyries:

The following is the list of eight Valkyries ordered in ascending difficulty followed by the Valkyrie Queen and the way to fight them.

Location: Thamur’s Corpse
Gunnr is the easiest one to defeat of all the Valkyries as it has four basic moves that she cycles through. To defeat her, hit her with a heavy attack immediately and use Atreus to knock her out of the air using his shock arrows that will give you an opportunity to land some more hits.

Also, be careful of her attacks as like all the God of War Valkyries have the potential to kill Kratos with one shot. As for the using heavy attacks in quick succession, Gunnr recovers after 4 heavy attacks.

Once you have dealt enough damage to Gunnr, she will be stunned and you need to move in quickly and use stun grab to free her and do not wait long as she will recover and also restores a portion of her health. Also, before you leave the chamber, grab the helmet.

Location: Foothills
Geirdriful offers much more challenge compared to Gunnr as she is much more mobile during combat but has the same combos as Gunnr along with a few of her own attacks. She also has projectile attacks so watch out for them.

Otherwise, all you have to do is deal the damage and defeat her. Defeating her will reward you with Geirdriful’s Helmet and Axe Hilt – Guardian Valkyrie’s Hilt.

Location: The Mountain
Eir is much more challenging than Gunnr and Geirdriful partly because of her block tactic that actually defines her defensive capabilities. Eir uses block after almost all of her attacks that makes it difficult for the player to deal damage and she also brings a mace to fight Kratos.

Now, this Valkyrie has different attacks from Geirdriful and Gunnr. One is Block which we just discussed the others are Mace Wave and Mace Combo. Mace Wave can kill Kratos with one shot and is unblockable, just use the Leviathan Axe throw to know her down and stun her.

As for the Mace Combo, this combo used by her sees her using overhead swing in succession. Just roll away to avoid the attack.

Once defeated, you will be rewarded with Eir’s helmet and Axe pommel.

Location: River Pass
Kara is one of a kind Valkyrie in God of War 4 as she can summon Draugr into the fight which just shows that she herself doesn’t fight much but relies on its minions to do the dirty work.

However, she does have a couple of long-range attacks that she does not mind using. However, she does take a relatively long time to recover from her attacks, use this gap to land some hits.

If you are facing her at a low level then here is a small strategy that will help you. Quickly use quick flash to stun her and use the combo R1, R1, R2. Kite her around until she uses any of her big attacks and repeat.

Once defeated, you will be rewarded with Kara’s helmet and Talisman.

Location: Helheim
This specific Valkyrie in God of War deals a lot of damage at close range and also tries to minimize the distance between her and Kratos. In addition, she tends to change things up mid-combat so do not get comfortable until you have defeated her.

She uses the tactics of all the previously mentioned Valkyries so fighting will not be much of a problem if you have been paying attention to their attacks.

After her, every attempt to grab you, quickly hit her while she is briefly vulnerable. In addition, in the final stages of the fight, she also tends to pull out mace or scythe, so what out.

Defeating her will reward you with Rota’s Helmet and Blades Pommel.

Location: Alfheim
This particular Valkyrie in God of War is a difficult one to get a hold of and land attacks as she has dashes away quickly. Your knowledge of the previous Valkyries will help you very much in this fight as she often mixes her attacks very quickly.

Use Atreus to knock her down as she prepares to throw chakrams. This will be a tough one so be on your toes. Defeating her will reward you Olrun’s helmet and Waist armor.

Location: Muspelheim
Gondul is a Valkyrie in God of War that combines a lot of attacks from the previous ones you have faced and can also summon a meteor. Also, avoid going into the fire left behind by the meteor as it will damage you and try to hit her during brief moments when she is vulnerable.

When she raises her mace, hit her with light axe throw and hit her as she falls to the ground. You need the patience to defeat her and once she is defeated, you will be rewarded with Gondul’s helmet, Wrist Armor, and Enchantments.

Location: Nilfheim
This Valkyrie in God of War 4 possesses all of the scythe attacks of the previous ones and also has the ability to block but she switches in out of defensive tactics and offensive ones. She also has the attacks that send ice projectiles that follow its targets.

Use the Block Break to stagger her and hit her to deal some damage. Defeating her will reward you with Hildr’s damage and Chest Armor.

Sigrun, The Valkyrie Queen
Location: Council of Valkyrie
Once you have defeated all 8 Valkyries go to the Council of Valkyrie, interact with the eight thrones, and once all the helmets have been placed a tear will appear, interact with it and Sigrun will appear.

Sigrun has all the attacks from all 8 Valkyries that makes it imperative that you remember all the moves of all 8 Valkyries. The only opening you will get to land hits will be during blocks, missed stomp attacks and swoops.

When the fight starts, stay on the move and lock onto her so that she does not go out of sight. You need to learn to read her moves in order to know when to attack.

Use Atreus to hit her when she twirls while her mace is out and use Block Break while she blocks. The fighting arena is quite big so you can avoid the attacks that were unavoidable while fighting with one of the 8 Valkyries.

However, by this point in the game, you would have played a good portion of the game and have upgraded Kratos to the level that he can withstand her attacks. All you need is patience is you have the low-level gear to avoid her attacks and defeat her.

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