God of War Talismans Guide

Our God of War Talismans Guide will tell you everything there is to know about Talismans in God of War 4. Everything from what they do to how to get them will be mentioned.

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God of War Talismans

There exists a variety of Talismans and each possesses its own perks and boosts. They can be either found, earned or crafted. You need to either defeat bosses, look around for legendary chests or collect items to craft them. Now while a few of these Talismans can be crafted, the majority is earned by in-game progress.

The sad thing is you can only have one Talisman equipped at any time in God of War. They will usually give you a boost in a certain stat and a special bonus. They do have a cooldown before they can be used again, so remember to time them in order to get the max out of them.

Let us go ahead, look at each Talisman individually, and see the levels, resources and their locations.

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The following are a few special talismans that can greatly help in the game if you find them towards the start of the game. Most of these, you will be able to find within the first 4-5 hours of the game. It is best that you find them as soon as you can to make an easy sailing from then on.

The Golden Talisman of Protection

This talisman has the ability to heal you faster than you would otherwise. After being hit by an attack, this talisman begins to heal you instantly and at a vigorous pace.

It also increases the defense of the shield. While you are blocking with the shield, this talisman will increase your defense stat making it easier to block strong attacks and deflect the weaker ones.

However, the most applicable use of this talisman is that it lengthens the parrying window after you successfully deflect an attack. While using this talisman, you will not have to make a timely encroachment instantly after the deflection. Instead, the talisman will allow you to strike back after the deflection without having to hit the button at the precise timing.


You will find this talisman in the Lake of the Nine. However, you will first have to unlock the temple amidst the lake.

To find the talisman, go to the Stone Falls which is an area in the northeast part of the temple. In the storyline, you have to come here to access Veithurgard, but there also is a hidden area in the temple.

In Stone Falls, you will have to solve a puzzle to open the door across the bridge. After having opened the door, knock down the bridge and get to the door that leads back to the Revenant Arena. In the arena, you will now be able to open another door to your right where you will find the talisman inside a legendary chest.

Amulet of Kvasir
This talisman grants a passive ability called the Realm Shift. This essentially allows you to slow down time when you successfully dodge an attack.

There is a temporary slowdown of time when you dodge an attack which allows you to launch a counter attack and seriously damage your opponent. This talisman is especially useful against Valkyries later on in the game.


You will be able to find this talisman once you have unlocked Alfheim.

When you are exploring the Alfheim, you will eventually come across the Light Elf Sanctuary. There you will have to find the Realm Tear past the crank gate. Having found it, continue across the bridge made of roots. There you will be able to see your start point for the area.

Break the roots with an axe throw to make a cave appear. Drop down into it and go along to reach a room with a wheel crank. Once there, solve the puzzle to make the legendary chest appear. In it, you will find the Amulet of Kvasir.

Shattered Gauntlet of Ages

This is a very useful talisman that unleashes a wave of damage that stuns all enemies for a while. This talisman comes in handy when you encounter a hoard of enemies. Along with that, it also has 3 enchantment slots so you can make a hell of a Talisman out of it.


You will find this talisman on the Family Business mission.

Talismans Locations

The following is the lists of all Talismans in God of War 4 in order of their rarity, along with their specs.

Talisman of Resolute Might

Talisman of Concentrated Vitality

Talisman of Resolute Protection

Talisman of Rejuvenating Fury

Talisman of Eternal Fury

Talisman of Betrayal

Amulet of Kvasir

Golden Talisman of Protection

Talisman of Unbound Potential

Horn of Heimdall

Sinmara’s Cinder

Hvergelmir Stone

Aegir’s Protection

The Charm of Infinite Storms

Talisman of Cursed Power

Shattered Gauntlet of Ages

Here are all of the Talismans in GoW

Talisman Level Resource Cost Location
Talisman of Resolute Might: Gives you a small boost in strength at low health. 1 Hacksilver 3000 Shop
2 Hacksilver 2250
3 Hacksilver/Dust of Realms 3500/4
4 Hacksilver/Dust of Realms 6000/7
Talisman of Resolute Protection: Grants you a barrier at low health which is immune to damage. 1 Hacksilver 3000 Shop
2 Hacksilver 2250
3 Hacksilver/Dust of Realms 3500/4
Talisman of Eternal Fury: Gives you a burst of rage. 2 Hacksilver 7000 Found in the Shop
3 Hacksilver 10000
4 Hacksilver/Dust of Realms 15000/4
Talisman of Rejuvenating Fury: Releases a shockwave which does burst damage. 2 Hacksilver 5000 Found in the Shop
3 Hacksilver 3250
4 Hacksilver/Dust of Realms 7000/4
Talisman of Concentrated Vitality: Gives you a burst of Health. 1 Found in the Witch’s Cave in Legendary Chest
2 Hacksilver/Dust of Realms 3250/4
3 Hacksilver/Dust of Realms 7000/7
4 Hacksilver/Dust of Realms 12000/12
Talisman of Betrayal: Slows down time when you press R3. 3 Hacksilver/Dust of Realms 5000/4 Complete Favour Fáfnir’s Hoard to get this Talisman
4 Hacksilver/Dust of Realms 10000/7
5 Hacksilver/Dust of Realms 15000/12
6 Hacksilver/Dust of Realms
Talisman of Unbound Potential: Refreshes cooldowns of all Runic Attacks. 3 Hacksilver 15000 Found in the Shop
4 Hacksilver/Dust of Realms 10000/7
5 Hacksilver/Dust of Realms 20000/12
7 Hacksilver/Dust of Realms 40000/18
Golden Talisman of Protection: You can recover faster after taking a hit by pressing L1. 2 Hacksilver/Dust of Realms 12000/4 Found in the Stone Falls in the Legendary Chest
3 Hacksilver/Dust of Realms 15000/4
4 Hacksilver/Dust of Realms 17500/12
5 Hacksilver/Dust of Realms
Amulet of KvasirA last: A second dodge slows down enemies for a short amount of time. 2 Hacksilver/Dust of Realms 12000/4 Found in Alfheim (Light Elf Sanctuary) in the Legendary Chest
3 Hacksilver/Dust of Realms 17500/7
Horn of Heimdall: A powerful attack with knockback and stun damage. 3 Hacksilver/Dust of Realms 10000/7 Found in Veithurgard—Dauði Hamarr Drop
4 Hacksilver/Dust of Realms 20000/12
5 Hacksilver/Dust of Realms 40000/18
6 Hacksilver/Dust of Realms 40000/18
Sinmara’s Cinder: You take less damage and your attacks cannot be prevented. 5 Hacksilver/Smoldering Ember/Crest of Flame 32000/16/8 Found inMuspelheim Shop
6 Hacksilver/Smoldering Ember/Greater Crest of Flame/Crest of Surtr 55000/30/5/1
Hvergelmir Stone: You get health and can stay in cursed smoke of Niflheim for a longer time. 6 Hacksilver/Mist Echoes 32000/1000 Found in Niflheim Shop
7 Hacksilver/Mist Echoes/Niflheim Alloy Fragment/Haze Weave 55000/1750/3/1
8 Hacksilver/Mist Echoes/Aesirbane/Haze Weave 90000/2500/1/2
Aegir’s Protection: Your attacks cannot be interrupted and you get a little bit of health. 4 Found in Landsuther Mines in the Dark ElfLord Drop
6 Hacksilver/Dust of Realms/Pure Realm Essence 32000/25/1
8 Hacksilver/Dust of Realms/Pure Realm Essence 90000/25/3
Shattered Gauntlet of Ages 6 Found in Northri Stronghold in the TravelerDrop
7 Hacksilver/Dust of Realms/Dragon Scale 55000/18/2
8 Hacksilver/Dust of Realms/Dragon Scale 90000/25/3
Talisman of the Realm: Enemies are slowed down for a small amount of time. 6 Found in Witch’s Cave in the Valkyrie Kara Drop
7 Hacksilver/Dust of Realms/Asgardian Steel 55000/18/2
8 Hacksilver/Dust of Realms/Perfect Asgardian Steel 90000/25/1
The Charm of Infinite Storms: Your attacks cannot be interrupted and you take less damage. 4 Found in Helheim Legendary Chest (Requires Atreus)
5 Hacksilver/Dust of Realms/Glacial Catalyst 17500/18/1
6 Hacksilver/Dust of Realms/Glacial Catalyst 32000/25/1
8 Hacksilver/Dust of Realms/Glacial Catalyst 90000/33/1
Talisman of Cursed Power: Weaken all nearby foes by emitting a Wave of Cursed Mist and damaging their stats. 5 Hacksilver/Niflheim Alloy/Mist Echoes 32000/5/2000
  6 Hacksilver/Haze Weave/Mist Echoes 55000/5/2500
  7 Hacksilver/Aesirbane/Mist Echoes 90000/1/3000

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