God Of War Runic Attacks And Enchantments Guide - Light Runic Attacks, Heavy Runic Attacks, Armor Enchantments, How To Get

Since there is a lot of customization involved in God of War as compared to previous iterations of the series, it is quite easy to get lost in all of the complexities. Enchantments and Runic Attacks are just one of the few things that can help you make Kratos stronger and better in combat. How? Use this God of War Runic Attacks and Enchantments to find out.

Our God of War Runic Attacks and Enchantments Guide will outline everything you need to know about what Enchantments and Runes in God of War are. Apart from this, this God of War Runes Guide will help you get them faster than you would be able to in the usual way.

God of War Runic Attacks and Enchantments

In God of War for PS4, gear can either be purchased in the game or crafted by the player. Once done, you can apply Enchantments on your Armor Pieces to boost their strengths.

As for Runic Attacks, they are essentially Special Attacks that you can teach Kratos to use in combat. Runic Attacks are further divided into Light Runic Attacks and Heavy Runic Attacks. One important thing that you need to know is that Runic Attacks have specific cooldown times, barring you from Spamming them During Combat.

You must play around your cooldowns in order to be most effective in combat. More on Runic Attacks later in the guide.

Kratos has three Armor Slots that can be customized and Atreus has one. Let us go ahead and see how both of them work and how can you use them to their maximum benefit.


Enchantments are similar to the gems that are found for Armor Sets in many RPGs. They can either give your Armor Sets improved stats or give them added benefits. Enchantments usually increase one or two stats on the Armor.

It is important to note that the Enchantments need to be placed in special sockets on Armor Pieces. In God of War, each Armor Piece may have a different number of sockets, depending on its rarity. However, you have the complete liberty to swap one Enchantment for the other at any time you wish.

Common Enchantments are usually quite insignificant while the rarer one such as Purple Enchantments and Gold Enchantments offer better stats and other benefits.

As for Enchantment Slots, the Green Armor will never have any Enchantment Slots while the Blue Armor may have one slot. As for Gold Armor Sets, they usually have at least two Enchantment Slots and often times more.

As for acquiring new Armor Enchantments, you can get new Enchantments from slain enemies.

You can also get them from various chests scattered during the world of the game. Enchantments in God of War PS4 can give you added benefits such as Unstoppable Aura that prevents interruptions caused by enemy attacks and a Protective Barrier that prevents damage from enemy attacks to a certain extent.

You can check out our detailed Enchantments Guide for more help on finding each and every Armor Enchantment in the game along with some tips to use it.

Runic Attacks

As mentioned earlier, Runic Attacks are essentially Special Attacks that Kratos can perform. They are quite useful in battle and can help you diversify your attacks and even set up combos.

Each weapon at your disposal can have two Runic Attacks i.e. a Light Runic Attack and a Heavy Runic Attack. As I said before, the usage of Runic Attacks is constrained through a cooldown meter that can be shortened by increasing your cooldown stat.

You can get Runic Attacks the same way that you get Armor Enchantments. Find them on dead enemies, chests, and as rewards for completing parts of the Main Campaign. During the course of your journey towards The Mountain, Atreus will point towards a locked chest containing your first Light Runic Attack (unless I missed one during the very start of the game).

Following that point, you will be able to get your hands on a variety of Light Runic Attacks and Heavy Runic Attacks. Similar to Armor Enchantment, you must insert Runic Attacks in their respective slots on a weapon. Your default weapon called The Leviathan Axe has two slots – one for a Light Runic Attack and another one for a Heavy Runic Attack.

You can check out our Leviathan Axe Guide, Guardian Shield Guide, Blades of Chaos Guide, and Talon Bow Guide in order to learn more about the locations of all Runic Attacks for these weapons.

This is all we have in our God of War Runic Attacks and Enchantments Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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