Call of Duty Vanguard Best STG44 Class Setup

STG44 is the best all-around assault rifle in the CoD Vanguard. In this guide, we will provide you with the best loadouts and class setup for STG44 in Call of Duty Vanguard to ensure you come out on top in every fight.

Call of Duty Vanguard Best STG44 Class Setups

STG44 was quite commonly used in the beta and remains one of the best weapons in the final release of CoD Vanguard. To help you in creating the best STG44 class setup in Vanguard, continue reading below.

The attachments and loadouts for STG44 will vary from build to build. It totally depends upon you whether you want a lethal build, a close-ranged one, or an all-around build for the STG44.

STG44 Close-Ranged Setup

This build is best for you if you are going to take out enemies in close range. This loadout is without any barrel and uses the default barrel of the STG44. Rubber Grip and 7.62 Tokarev 30 round mags make this build quite stable and fast.

And as your speed is the key in close encounters so you should go with that build. Below you will find all the Attachments, Perks, and loadout to make that build.




STG44 All-rounder Class Setup

This build is best in case if you are looking for all-around stuff. Like you want to take out enemies in close and long-range as well. This build is more of a beginner build, you can use it at the start of the game.

If you are just starting to play CoD Vanguard, then this build is a good option for you. T1 Flash Hider, Slate Reflector, and other attachments together make it a great build to use in the beginning.

Below you will find the details about the Attachments, loadouts, and perks required for that build.




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