Apex Legends Sent Out A Ban Wave On Innocent Players

Apex Legends has been dealing with a surge of cheaters lately and whatever new updates its Easy Anti-Cheat received in that regard just took down players for doing absolutely nothing.

Taking to Twitter last night, security analyst Conor “Hideouts” Ford confirmed that Easy Anti-Cheat accidentally “sent out a ban wave of false positives” during the day which took down numerous innocent players in Apex Legends. He never mentioned what went wrong with the anti-cheat but did assure that all of those false positives are being unbanned.

Was not my doing. Something happened on EAC’s side and they sent out a ban wave of false positives. Everyone that was banned should be unbanned now

— Conor Ford / Hideouts (@RSPN_Hideouts) January 13, 2022

Last August, director Steven Ferreira revealed that developer Respawn Entertainment has “definitely put in some things” to help address the cheating situation in Apex Legends.

There was a surge in the number of cheaters during the time and many players were upset over the status of Easy Anti-Cheat. Ferreira noted back then that Apex Legends would be receiving some new tools to identify cheaters and to help keep a clean playing field. Those tools were never revealed but a team dedicated to keep cheaters in check was mentioned to be now in place.

It is possible that the false-positive ban from last night was Respawn Entertainment tinkering with Easy Anti-Cheat. The community should keep their fingers crossed that a new update to the anti-cheat wipes out another hundreds or so cheaters from Apex Legends.

Elsewhere, a PlayStation 5 version of Apex Legends was spotted on PlayStation Network earlier today. Players can currently only play the PlayStation 4 version on their new console through backwards compatibility. The spotting of the PlayStation 5 version means that a native release is in sight and Respawn Entertainment should be making an announcement soon.

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